Make Money From Home with Premier Income Plan.

Premier Income Plan 2.0 Work From Home Support System

Have a business? Need a business? We got you covered.

  1. Own a Business? - If you are currently involved in ANY work from home business opportunity then we can help you grow more and succeed with that business. Our business doesn't compete with you because our products and services will strengthen your exisiting business.
  2. Need a Business? - If you are looking for a work from home business, whether to suppliment or replace your current income, then you'll find the perfect opportunity here. We will teach you and train you to be your own success within in our state of the art training system.
  3. Training/Support - If you have a business then we will teach you how to successfully use our tools to grow your current business and we can even put you in front of potential prospects. If you join us to become a business partner then we will train you on how to market our tools and how to attract others like you.

Our Products are State-of-the-Art

Mouse over the images below for a brief explanation of each.

Audio Video Conference for work from home entrepreneurs.

Audio Video Conference

 HTML5  conferencing, mobile compatible and full of awesome features.

Live Chat, KwikiChat for work from home entrepreneurs.


A mobile app and website companion app that will have opportunity seekers popping up on you mobile phone.

Audio Video Email for work from home entrepreneurs.

Audio Video Email

Video email gets more opens and more replies than regular email.

VAPPSY for work from home entrepreneurs.


A mobile app for capturing video testimonials and recommendations and posting them to your website.

How You Can Earn Residual Income.

Your Level of Involvement Determines Your Earning Potential.

  1. Direct Selling - We are first and foremost and product driven company. This simply means that we focus on the development and sale of our software products. You become a partner/agent when you join and you get a retail website from where you can sell our products to people/companies who need them. You will earn residual income every month on the sales you make.
  2. Network Marketing - We provide an infrastructure where partners are able to leverage the efforts of team members (other partners) to earn residual income. Most of our partners are involved and focused on a work from home business and our tools help them to work those businesses. They find value in our products and often refer others, they know, to our website. Our partners earn monthly residual income when they refer others who engage in our Network Marketing model.
  3. Rewards - In addition to direct selling commissions (mentioned above), our Network Marketing model rewards partners when they refer other partners. People can earn activation bonuses, monthly sales commissions and 100% matching checks based on the efforts of their personal referring partners.


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