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About The Company

Learn about the company behind the products and opportunity.

Premier Income Plan is owned and operated by Hyphen Tech Inc. 

We are a product driven company. This simply means that we are committed to creating second-to-none products. In fact, we prioritize this above the home business opportunity that entrepreneurs can find here. 

We have been developing state-of-the-art online communication applications since 2007 and selling them all over the world. We strive to connect people anywhere in the world through easy to use software applications. We pride ourselves on creating solutions that bring people together without really bringing them together. We do this through software technology. 

With a broad range of software programming talent we place high emphasis on our products first and foremost. Our engineers are always at work improving our current product-line and developing new solutions. 

Hyphen Tech Inc., through, has created a networking (work from home) business opportunity and a direct selling company. Our opportunity is available in most countries around the world. All people need is an Internet connection, a financial means to cover setup and a monthly subscription cost. In addition, a determination to succeed is definitely an asset. 

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