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Compensation Plan

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Members Earn Bonus Money When Their Referrals Activate a New Account.
Make Money From Home and Earn Activation Bonus Money Daily.

Activation Bonuses Explained

Direct Referral Bonuses: You earn $10 on each of your first 2 direct partners who join your team. You earn $15 on each of your direct partners from your 3rd partner onward. So if you refer 20 people, for example, then you will earn $10 on the first two and $15 on the remaining 18 for a total of $290. This is paid only once when each person joins, hence why it is called an activation bonus.
You also earn Matching Coded Infinity Bonuses and Coded Infinity Bonuses.

Matching Coded Infinity Bonuses: When your first 2 direct partners sponsors their 3rd partner and onward, we will pay you $10 on each one. And then when they each refer their first 2 and they refer their first 2 (and so on) we'll pay you $10 on each one. This is paid indefinitely and does NOT stop and level 9. You can earn Matching Coded Infinity Bonuses as long as your team is growing.

Coded Infinity Bonuses: When any of your direct partners, beyond your first 2, refers their first 2 then we will pay you $10 for each. And, when they refer their first 2 and they refer their first 2 then you will continue to earn $10 on each one to infinity. It does NOT stop at level 9.

Please Note: Your first 2 legs (partners) are considered power legs and can earn you substantial bonus money. If you have an opportunity to put partners in those positions who can bring a significant number of people, then it would be more profitable to strategically place them there. This must be done during the sign up process. We DO NOT and WILL NOT move people once they are placed in the matrix. When sign ups occur then bonuses are allocated immediately so we are NOT able to manipulate the matrix, nor do we want to.

The Activation Bonus Plan is better explained in our Presentation Webinars. You can get all your questions answered when you attend.

Footnote: Activation Bonuses are not commissions, they are bonuses. When someone first joins, and pays, bonuses are paid from that money. Commissions begin the second month when subscriptions begin.
Premier Income Plan Pays Daily Commissions.
Premier Income Plan Pays Commissions Daily.

3x9 Matrix Explained! When you attract partners then your matrix fills from left to right. The same is true when your partners attract people. This is called a forced matrix. It is NOT a company forced matrix. You earn commissions based on the positions in the matrix that are occupied by paying members. Each time a member renews their monthly subscription then you earn the commission for that position, as shown above.

In the matrix above it illustrates the monthly earning potential of $39,391.00. In no way are we saying that you will earn this amount. It simply illustrates the earning potential in a 3x9 completed matrix. Your earnings will be based on your efforts and the efforts of those on your team (in your matrix).

Please Note: Subscription renewals begin in the second month and it is at that time that commissions are allocated. When people sign up and pay in their first month, you still get paid but you get paid an activation bonus as explained on this page.

Our Work From Home Opportunity Pays 100% Matching Check.

100% Matching Commissions! This concept is really simple. Members earn 100% matching commissions on all their direct partners' earnings. This simply means that whatever amount your direct partners earn then you earn the same amount in matching commissions.

If you refer 1 person and they earn $1,000 per month then you will earn an extra $1000 in addition to your 3x9 matrix earnings. 

If you refer 10 people and they earn $15,000 combined then you will earn $15,000 in matching commissions, in addition to your 3x9 matrix earnings.

Please Note: No one earns 100% match on Activation Bonuses. Activation Bonuses are paid only once, upon new registrations, whereas 100% Matching Commissions are paid when subscriptions are renewed.

Our Work From Home Opportunity Pays 100% Matching Check.

Direct Selling Commissions! As a Premier Income Plan member you get a retail website where you can sell our products. This simply means that you can retail the products to end-users, people who want/need the products but do not want to join our work from home opportunity.

The video below explains how this works.

This is another way we are government complient by ensuring our members have the ability to retail products. Our work from home opportunity is not just about sponsoring work from home entrepreneurs. We work to ensure each member's success.

Our Work From Home Opportunity Pays 100% Matching Check.

What You Get. When you become a Premier Income Plan partner at just $59 per month, you gain access to all current and future in-house products. In-house products are those developed by us. We may, at times, partner with independent businesses to help bring value to your business and help ensure greater success. An example would be a company we partner with to provide leads and lead tracking. These services will be optional.

In addition, you get replicated websites to help you market your Premier Income Plan business as well as for direct selling of our products.

You also get a complete back office where you track your activity, partners and direct sales activities.

You also get landing pages to help you in your marketing efforts.

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Make Money From Home and Get Paid Daily.
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